Thursday, February 28, 2013


hey guys. it's been a minute. apparently trying to makeover my blog {already} has caused me to neglect posting. i'm done messing with it.. for now.. because if i keep working on it, i may or may not go insane. ocd much? yes.

it's been a week of work, tumbling, cleaning, cooking and trying to catch up on my dvr full of a bunch of reality tv when the kids go to bed. which there is a lot of. exciting week, i know!

so on a parental note, my daughter is sweet as can but has a huge personality & is completely dramatic with a side of high maintenance. every once in a while she has rough mornings, (i feel ya girlfran) which causes us to be late to school (not cool girlfran.) i will be honest and say i let her fits get the best of me and i yell. i hate yelling. it's just not my style, consider that on my list of things to improve. but the discipline is in full force. it's all about consistency. i am determined to nip this in the bud, all while being the best mama i can be!

i'm still in a mexicoma from a few too many tacos tonight. i am in need of a workout.
i actually want to go on runs walks.. outdoors... at an outdoor mall.. JK, but seriously, spring where are you? i miss you.

Monday, February 25, 2013

oscar recap

i spent my sunday evening watching the oscars. i look forward to these award shows.
i love seeing award after award go to movies i've barely heard of, let alone seen. hello sarcasm. 
year after year i tune in though and not because i'm hoping my non-oscar worthy movies are going to be in a category; 
but for the fashion. who's wearing what, the hairstyles, the bling. 
come on, the best part is the red carpet pre-show.
here is my breakdown of last night. 

i always tune into e! i love giuliana & ryan.
she looked "amazeballs" last night with her new short hair. 

do i even need to say anything? pregnancy is treating her good. 
i was sad to see no oscar for the best-worst movie, magic mike.

i've never really been a fan of ben affleck, but he and jennifer garner are so adorable.
and his acceptance speech was so touching.

facial hair, don't care. apparently a common theme of the evening.

huge seth macfarlane fan here. i thought he did a good job. i was a little a lot disappointed in the lack of voice changes. i was happy to see ted make an appearance, accompanied by mark wahlberg (of course) and no i'm not mad about that. but back to the host, haters are hatin. did you expect him to be appropriate? that's what you get when you ask the creator of family guy to host the oscars. and don't try to say you didn't laugh during the boob song.
kristin chenoweth is a little nugget and i just want to put her in my pocket.

ok ok. now to what's important.

best dressed: (a tie)
jennifer lawrence & reese witherspoon

worst dressed: (also a tie)
anne hathaway & her nipples.

that's my oscar recap. what were your favorites?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

coffee, cooking & wine

oh i love the weekends. even when it's just spent at home.
i woke up this morning around 8. i was pleased to discover my throat felt 90% better.
now my normal routine would be to start a pot of coffee. nope not today. or the last 2 weeks for that matter.
r.i.p. $4 black friday coffee maker.. 

i saw this identical coffee maker in an episode of sex and the city in miranda's kitchen.
{circa 2000} if that says anything. but damn it, it got the job done.

in the meantime i've been hittin up starbys or moochin off my mama.
so today, after complaining about needing coffee, i went and got one. 
this time it was a whopping $17. 
i guess i can keep this one out on my counter, unlike the heinous off-white one i used to put away after each use. 

movin on up. 

i'm finally getting to use the new creamer i bought the day before my other one bit it. 
i approve. it is a delight.

the husband & i did something today we haven't done in a long time. since i started working from home, i make all the meals. it's what a wife does, right? well today we cooked together. we made awesome stuffed burgers, onion rings & mac n cheese. i am still trapped in a 5 year olds body and love to have that cheesy deliciousness anytime i can. i use my kids as an excuse for that though.
the best part about all of this? he did the dishes. enough said.

wine to finish the evening off. just a glass to wash down my antibiotic. whoops.

i like taking pictures of my dog.

and i will leave you with a pic of the two kids who have stolen my heart.
love them more than words.

Friday, February 22, 2013

oh hey

i really enjoy blogs. they are my go to for just about everything.
so why not have one of my own?

it may not be as interesting as some out there. but it's my life and i love it.

so here is a little about me:

i'm a mommy, err mama as my little ones call me. it is the greatest gift ever.
yes, sometimes i want to rip my eyeballs out, but i wouldn't change it for anything.
my daughter is a diva and my son is the most laid back kid, ever. 

my other half is a wolverine, i'm a buckeye.
if that means anything to you, your mouth is probably hanging open right now.
i don't know how, but it works. he is the

my home away from home is chicago. it is the greatest place nashville is second.

i dream of living in the south.

i love cooking and wouldn't survive without my crock pot.

i work from home, so while i have a full time job, i'm a full time housewife too.
i'm a little ocd. i'm a strong believer in "a place for everything and everything in its place"
i let my kids be kids, but before i turn in for the night, my house is spotless.

that about covers the basics.