Friday, February 22, 2013

oh hey

i really enjoy blogs. they are my go to for just about everything.
so why not have one of my own?

it may not be as interesting as some out there. but it's my life and i love it.

so here is a little about me:

i'm a mommy, err mama as my little ones call me. it is the greatest gift ever.
yes, sometimes i want to rip my eyeballs out, but i wouldn't change it for anything.
my daughter is a diva and my son is the most laid back kid, ever. 

my other half is a wolverine, i'm a buckeye.
if that means anything to you, your mouth is probably hanging open right now.
i don't know how, but it works. he is the

my home away from home is chicago. it is the greatest place nashville is second.

i dream of living in the south.

i love cooking and wouldn't survive without my crock pot.

i work from home, so while i have a full time job, i'm a full time housewife too.
i'm a little ocd. i'm a strong believer in "a place for everything and everything in its place"
i let my kids be kids, but before i turn in for the night, my house is spotless.

that about covers the basics.


  1. Wow, wolverine and buckeye! I was totally thinking you and I could be Indy blogger friends but my hubby is a spartan... he would despise any relationship to either of those!!! Haha kidding. But seriously, go green.

    1. ohhhh dear! haha. if a wolverine and a buckeye can be friends/lovers, anything is possible! :)


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