Monday, February 25, 2013

oscar recap

i spent my sunday evening watching the oscars. i look forward to these award shows.
i love seeing award after award go to movies i've barely heard of, let alone seen. hello sarcasm. 
year after year i tune in though and not because i'm hoping my non-oscar worthy movies are going to be in a category; 
but for the fashion. who's wearing what, the hairstyles, the bling. 
come on, the best part is the red carpet pre-show.
here is my breakdown of last night. 

i always tune into e! i love giuliana & ryan.
she looked "amazeballs" last night with her new short hair. 

do i even need to say anything? pregnancy is treating her good. 
i was sad to see no oscar for the best-worst movie, magic mike.

i've never really been a fan of ben affleck, but he and jennifer garner are so adorable.
and his acceptance speech was so touching.

facial hair, don't care. apparently a common theme of the evening.

huge seth macfarlane fan here. i thought he did a good job. i was a little a lot disappointed in the lack of voice changes. i was happy to see ted make an appearance, accompanied by mark wahlberg (of course) and no i'm not mad about that. but back to the host, haters are hatin. did you expect him to be appropriate? that's what you get when you ask the creator of family guy to host the oscars. and don't try to say you didn't laugh during the boob song.
kristin chenoweth is a little nugget and i just want to put her in my pocket.

ok ok. now to what's important.

best dressed: (a tie)
jennifer lawrence & reese witherspoon

worst dressed: (also a tie)
anne hathaway & her nipples.

that's my oscar recap. what were your favorites?

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