Wednesday, April 10, 2013

sorry i'm not sorry

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It's been a minute. I have been so busy with the gorgeous weather and running around with my kids that I have seem to put my blog on the back burner. Sorry I'm not sorry :) Ok well I kind of am. I just looked and haven't blogged since the 2nd. How do you busy moms find the time? The rest of the week last week was good. The weekend was even better. Gorgeous weather, our favorite pizza Saturday night and the park on Sunday. 

Speaking of pizza, our favorite place is in the town we used to live in. It's not far, but not exactly close enough to WANT to go pick pizza up from. I tweeted them that I wish they would expand and open one in our area, I get a reply that says stop by and I'll buy you a pizza. Luckily we were out and about at a softball game and I had already placed an order to pick up. I replied and said we were on our to pick up a pizza. I get there and it's on the house. Awesome people, great food and proof that twitter is a necessity! 
Seriously though Indianapolis people, check out Greeks Pizza (especially the Fishers location!)

So yesterday, thanks to Sami (Sami's Shenanigans), I found myself browsing animal gifs on tumblr.

 I laughed so hard at this. No really, I couldn't stop. It's totally something my spastic dog would do.

Who watched the ACMs? Of course I did. Obsessed with country music plus Blake & Luke hosting. Hello.
They were great. I loved the performances and the fashion.

Hey boys.

This dress isn't my favorite, but she can't really do wrong in my book.

 This is a pretty standard look for Eric, minus his hat. But I loved it.

My new Nick & Jessica. LOVE.

 She may not be the best dressed but she is so damn cute.

 I don't know what he and his stylists were on to accept this outfit.

No, just no.

Tim looks handsome, but what is Faith wearing? The length is awful and awkward.
And those shoes. SMH

best dressed:
Kacey Musgraves
I love everything about this outfit.

worst dressed:
Shania Twain
My nineties self is upset for saying this, but girl ... what is goin on? Cowboy boots, not hooker boots. 
And from one curly hair girl to another, straightener. It's the ACMs, not just another day in the park. Oh and you've been out of the scene for some time and rolled right back in lookin the same.

 one last thing:
If this moment didn't get you, then you have a soul.

How was everyones weekend and how is your week so far??
Thursdays Recipe: Stromboli

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