Thursday, April 18, 2013

when i grow up

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When I Grow Up..

I want to live in Chicago and be a Sugar Plum Fairy in the Joffrey Ballet "The Nutcracker"

And live in something like this in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

Spend my days shopping on the Mag Mile while my hubs is at work.

And eat pizza/mexican/anything.. all day everyday.

And still manage to look like this

When I'm not walking around the city, hailing a cab or catching the train, i'll drive around in this

We will have season Cubs tickets and play hooky from work, Ferris Bueller style.

 Later in life, we will move to the 'Burbs and have our 2 children in a home like this with a huge wrap around porch with no neighbors in sight, but still keep our city brownstone.

Mr. Big Shon will surprise me with this closet. 

 I'll live in the kitchen being Betty Crocker, Paula Deen
Just making delicious meals & baking my life away. Hell maybe I'll have Paula IN my kitchen.
(and still have Julianne Houghs body) 

I'll watch out my huge windows overlooking the backyard while my children play outside.

 At night we will relax out here and enjoy the simple life.

And since I can't have a pet leopard, we will have one of these kittens, or 2!  

What do you want to do when you grow up??


  1. Love it. Wouldn't it be just great if we could eat our lives away and still look fabulous. One day, maybe one day!


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