Thursday, February 6, 2014

cabin fever causes this

After blogging yesterday, I went through my "reading list" and "bookmarks" of my favorite blogs. I got rid of some that I didn't read anymore or blogs that aren't updated anymore, added a few new ones to the list, etc. Then I went through and made sure I was following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, because that's important right? I follow quite a few, but always looking for more. If you have any recommendations - send them my way!

After I did that, I started browsing the web. I blame it on cabin fever, what else am I supposed to do? We have snow on snow on snow. I have been lusting over a pair of Hunter boots for a while now. I'm still convinced I need them in my life. I WILL have them in my life.

I've also been eyeing this beaut for some time. Well a Mac in general since my high school days. Who remembers these? I remember thinking they were the coolest and after I saw Elle Woods buy one in Legally Blonde, all theories were confirmed.

But they grew up.... 

Meet Macbook Air

I need it. I want it. It would make all my work and blogging dreams come true. And I have a Best Buy credit card that is screaming to be used. Yep. I can add it to my little Apple family and they can all live happily ever after.

Snowy ass winters also equal lots of DVR and reading, at the same time usually. Multi-tasking at its finest. I'm excited to start this one, well I already have but I'm only 5% in. Book club anyone? 

It's time to finish my wine and watch American Idol and the Olympics.... and probably read. 

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