Friday, February 7, 2014

sleep is overrated

Friday, I'm so happy you are here and coffee, you will be my savior today. I stayed up entirely too late. You know, because American Idol, the Olympics, Jay Leno's farewell and then Jimmy Fallon's second to last show. Priorities are key. Those were mine. I think I last looked at the clock, aka my phone, at 2:15 am. By the way, does anyone still have a "real" clock?

Let's touch on Idol for a minute. I have watched this show since the first season. It's a guilty pleasure and I think Harry Connick Jr. is the best thing that has happened to it. He's funny, critical/harsh and let's be honest, easy on the eyes. Agree? Ok good. Moving on.

The Olympics. In Sochi, Russia! I. love. them. And real quick, if you aren't following @SochiProblems on Twitter, please do so now, you won't be sorry. So, Mogul Skiing. Makes my knees hurt just watching that. And that fall. Holy hell, ouch. Does anyone else feel the same about figure skating as I do? That the women are great, but I just can't bring myself to watch the men. It's the same for gymnastics. Oh but then there is couples figure skating, something that will never be viewed the same after Blades Of Glory. Yes, that terrible but laughable movie that Ricky Bobby and Napoleon Dynamite teamed up for. Some people see a beautiful routine, ok the Russian couple that scored an 83.something was pretty damn good, but I still see this:

Jay Leno. I've never been a huge fan, but I don't dislike him either. It's an end of era and watching last night was a must. He got emotional, then I got emotional. It's just the way it goes. Garth Brooks was amazing, but please tell me how people did not know the words to Friends In Low Places. Ok and on with the next host.. Jimmy Fallon! Be still my heart.

Thanks for 22 years, Jay!

And for anyone that watched Jimmy Fallon last night, I will leave you with this..


Time to #backthatazzup, I haven't for a hot minute, excited to do so with Whitney Pants.
Because I love Macklemore.

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