Friday, February 14, 2014

heart shaped holiday

Valentines Day, Schmalentines Day. No fancy plans for this one but as long as I don't receive a giant teddy bear, I'm good with however it goes down. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here you go: Teddy Bear Commercial ... Yes that is real life. A hundred dollars real life. Buy me a handbag, a pair of shoes or anything besides a stuffed bear for that matter.

I do love a good holiday. A reason to be cheesy, decorate and make everything my favorite color.. PINK. My house decor isn't festive for today but you bet your ass that Tay has a heart shaped PB&J in her lunch box. Or that their milk this morning is pink, pancakes are heart shaped and strawberries are too. When I was a kid each holiday was made special/fun somehow for me. A little gift, everything themed for that day (ie: heart shaped everything). It's something that I now do for my kids and I hope they always remember it.

This year they got candy (heart shapes chocolates, what else?) and The Jungle Book. The excitement I feel when any movie is released from the Disney Vault that we don't already have might not be normal. And with Valentines Day, it made for a perfect gift. When showing Shon what "we" got the kids, I also learned that this is his favorite Disney movie. Which knocked my socks off because to my knowledge he didn't know what Disney was. Boy was I wrong. A present the whole family can enjoy and I feel a movie night soon.

For my other half, instead of giving it to him after work, I decided to set it out by our Keurig so he would see it when he made his morning coffee. He leaves at the ass crack of dawn so believe me when I say I wasn't awake to personally give it to him. And who doesn't love an unexpected surprise? But it's this romantic card (also see: sarcasm), Godiva Chocolate Truffles, that I like to think he will share with me and Pacer tickets. I'm kind of a keeper and what that really means is I IZ a keeper. 

How do you make Valentines Day special for your Valentines? (kids & significant others) 

Last night I made zoodles for the first time. For those of you that don't know, that is zucchini in noodle form. I've done the spaghetti squash thing which is great but this one takes the cake. Mmmm, did I just say cake?? 


  • Julienne tool (click here for the one I have)
  • Zucchini (I used 4)
  • Turkey Italian Sausage (casing removed and cut into small chunk and I used 3 links but only had about 1 for myself.) 
  • Minced garlic (about 2 cloves) 
  • Sweet peppers 
  • Onion
  • Low sodium tomato sauce or make your own (I actually didn't use any but put some on Shons)
I load up on the veggies so just do however much you want.

Stick a fork in the end of a zucchini to help hold down. Take julienne tool (mine is very sharp so be careful!) and just go to work, shredding errr julienning (?) away. In a large skillet on about medium heat toss in sausage, garlic, onion & peppers. Cook until sausage is done and adjust heat if needed so you don't over cook veggies. Toss in all your zoodles and cook for about 2 minutes or until they are heated through. Last step would be to mix in the tomato sauce if you'd like. 

Another meal in the books without the guilt!

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