Thursday, March 6, 2014

100 things

I recently read that one of the first things you do when you first visit a blog is go straight for the about me page. Well sorry kids, I don't have one. I'm still learning/teaching myself how to design this thing and haven't made it that far.

Baby steps. 

So I decided to do 100 things about me.

I always love reading these when other bloggers do them.

Hey, that's an underlying request for you, yes you, to do one!

1. i'm 28 years old and i was born at a naval base hospital
2. i married my boss, he's 10 years older than me - age ain't nothin but a number - we've been together almost 8 years, married almost 6
3. i hate syrup and ketchup
4. i'm an only child, but grew up with some best friends that were basically my siblings
5. mushrooms freak me out
6. my favorite show is sex and the city, i've seen every episode eleventy hundred times
7. i've lived in indianapolis my whole life
8. i believe leopard print is a neutral
9. i love animals, mostly cats
10. my favorite color is pink
11. i really enjoy cooking & baking, but cooking more
12. tom petty is my favorite musician
13. i'm a picky eater, but i've gotten better with age
14. 90s music is everything
15. i love ghosts/paranormal activity
16. i have a strange obsession with cows that all began with a trip to a mall pet store, that's a story for another day
17. i'm a sunglass junkie, good thing i work for an eye wear company (check us out!)
18. i'm team iphone/apple for life, my husband is team android
19. fresh flowers make me happy, especially lilacs
20. i did gymnastics growing up and now i live vicariously through my daughter tumbling
21. chicago is my favorite place on earth
22. justin timberlake has been tearin' up my heart since the 90s
23. i've met justin timberlake, backstreet boys, jessica and ashlee simpson
24. i don't believe you can take too many photos
25. i love to read
28. i'm big on textures and have to touch everything when i'm shopping.
29. i was in a kenny chesney music video, technically
30. i share a mind with one of my best friends
31. i work from home
32. peyton manning is my favorite athlete
33. i almost moved to nashville, tn and then i met my now husband
34. i love to stay up late and i'm not a morning person. don't speak to me unless i've had my coffee
35. my name was going to be shawn if i was a boy which is my husbands name (spelled shon though)
36. my life literally would not be what it is today if i didn't start working at a pizza place when i was 17
37. i basically live in yoga pants
38. skinny jeans are the only kind of jean i'll wear
39. i'm a very protective mama bear with my kids
40. i love having seasons and i don't think i could live where it's warm year round
41. i hated high school, go wildcats
42. christmas is the most wonderful time of the year
43. i am a reality tv junkie
44. i love spicy food, the hotter the better
45. the two places i dream of going one day are hawaii and seattle
46. i've been out of the country one time and i really have no desire to again, the all inclusive part was awesome though
47. got married in las vegas
48. both my parents and my husbands parents are still together
49. blake shelton, enough said
50. i have a handbag obsession and couldn't live without my louis vuitton
51. i could eat chipotle/qdoba
52. i have one tattoo and have two more in mind that i want to get
53. i love a good thunderstorm
54. i rarely nap, i just can't do it
55. movies like gladiator, troy, braveheart, 300, etc will guarantee that nap though
56. my favorite actor is leonardo dicaprio, my favorite actress reese witherspoon
57. i can't sleep with socks on, it freaks me out
58. i almost went to school for vet tech, then i worked somewhere for a year and my boss ruined it
59. i hope to one day go to nursing school
60. i can't stand when people say dr. pepper and cherry coke are the same
61. i prefer having the windows open vs the air condition when possible
62. i'm really indecisive and can't make decisions on my own
63."diamonds are a girls best friend" false. besides my wedding ring, i don't care much for them. handbags are my besties; see #50
64. i don't do politics, sorry i'm not sorry
65. i don't like cake and really don't like icing, give me a brownie or cookie
66. i can't drink milk out of anything but glass
67. i'm really ocd and love a clean house
68. i've never seen or read any of the harry potters, please lend me your collection right meow
69. after some back and forth discussions, my husband and i were pretty content with one child (plus his from a previous) because kids are expensive. then i got pregnant on birth control (took it at the same time for months guys!) and that's how we knew we were supposed to have another and here we are today.
70. i've been to 19 states
71. i love the thought of living in the south, where life is simple, but two of the biggest cities have my heart, chicago & nyc
72. i would much rather be with my family than out on the town
73. i enjoy cheap wine, especially out of the box
74. black friday has been a tradition with my mom and i for 25 years
75. i swear by my erin condren planner
76. i love making lists and crossing things off them
77. i don't like being woke up by anything but my alarm
78. i wish i could knit, sew and crochet. one day i'll teach myself
79. i dislike sweet pickles
80. i don't eat hamburgers on a bun, never have
81. i will have a white kitchen one day
82. i don't like grape jelly
83. if i'm not sore after a workout i get mad
84. i don't know how i lived before my keurig
85. on that note, i believe coffee tastes better when it's in a cute mug
86. my favorite cartoon as a kid and still is scooby doo
87. my first car was a pontiac grand am and i called it my grand dayyyummm
88. i get scared really easily, like i can watch my husband go hide and he still manages to scare the bejeezus out of me
89. mark my words, i will never drive a van. even though their amenities these days are pretty sweet
90. both of my pregnancies were literally perfect, no sickness either
91. i want to be the mom that is fun, says yes to things and respected
92. i strive to be a good wife and take care of our home
93. i've never broken a bone, knock on wood
94. i'm obsessed with candles and my house smelling good
95. i believe beds should be made each morning
96. the first thing i do when i wake up is get on my phone
97. i love fairs, festivals & concerts in the summer
98. i'm a chapstick/lip gloss addict
99. my skin breaks out easily, adult acne is a serious thing y'all
100. i'm very nostalgic/sentimental and love when smells, songs or certain things remind me of something

I could probably go on, but I'll save that for another day!

Hope you still find me interesting and continue to stop by, if you don't then deuces.


I love hearing from you all! Thanks for stopping by my blog!