Friday, March 7, 2014

the pits and peaks of this week

Friday, you haven't looked this good in a long time. Let's get it goin with a little jam sesh. I haven't got to #backthatazzup in 2 weeks with Whitney (I Wore Yoga PantsDoes anyone watch The Goldbergs? Yeah me either, but I saw previews that this weeks episode was going to be sort of a Goonies tribute. Hello, you have my attention now. And that's where this song came frame. It makes me happy.

I also found this link up and decided to take part! 
It's a chance to brag bout the ups and vent about downs of your week, aka the pits and peaks.

I'll get the pits over with. there isn't much anyway and nobody likes a negative nancy.


>> it's been cold all week. yes i live in the midwest and this is considered the norm, but some solid 40's would be great as we are making our way into mid march.
>> our gas bill, which is combined with our water bill, was high this month, higher than last months high bill. so we've turned our thermostat down a few. and trying to make some other changes to save a penny.
>> sickness. good ol fashion colds. you know, the runny noses that are never ending. 

>> we paid off all of our credits cards! so now besides our house and cars, we are debt free. holla
>> our hoa tried to charge us a late fee, but we got that waived.
>> as mentioned on tuesday, eating clean is paying off. this is the highlight of my life right now.
>> it's supposed to be 53 degrees today.i will celebrate by painting my nails pink and wearing my sperrys. i will celebrate by opening cracking the windows in my house. let's not get ahead of ourselves, 53 is still a wee bit chilly, but my house needs aired out from all the said sickness. i will celebrate by taking my dog for a walk and actually enjoy doing it.
>> it's friday and we have a family fun night planned! bowling/dinner with our kiddos plus my husbands brother and his family. 
>> i'm caught up on my dvr. this is a big deal guys. i watch a lot of educational stuff. and by educational, i really mean that i'm a bit obsessed with reality tv. 
>> i'm featured on erin's sidebar (two thirds hazel) which excites my newborn blogger heart. she's one of my favorites! also, go register for that ipad air on her blog! i mean, why wouldn't you?
>> i've stumbled upon so many new blogs this week and can't wait to continue to read. 
>> my practically sister (friends since babies) is coming home from alaska next month for THREE WEEKS!!
What were your pits & peaks?
Hope you guys have a great weekend! 


  1. Educational= reality TV haha! Same here. Definitely need to clear out my DVR. Congrats on being debt free!! Stopping by from the linkup... Happy Friday!

    1. thanks for stopping by! the never ending dvr!

  2. I jump at any chance to wear my sperrys in warmer weather! Thanks so much for linking you with Allie and me!


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