Tuesday, March 11, 2014

mother nature needs a timeout


I just couldn't bring myself to blog yesterday, because I stepped out of my normal and did on a Sunday.

Let's talk about what my life consists of these days aside from being a mother and wife.

I went through our closets and got rid of a bunch of stuff. It feels good to purge and organize. My husband is a bit of a clothes hoarder, no really, he has more space in our closet than I do. I had a car full of stuff that I took to Goodwill. Bravo to him for letting go. <insert me singing adele dazeem, i mean idina menzel, here>

Yesterday it got up to 60 or something. I don't know. But I do know I did what everyone else in Indy did and rushed to Mikes Carwash. Seriously though, there were people waiting for spots at the vacuums like people wait for a gas pump when it's 10 cents cheaper than the one down the street. My car is nice and pretty now though and that's all that matters. 

Onward. My kids got to play outside without 13 layers of clothes, hats, scarves and mittens. I'm talkin sidewalk chalk, bikes, scooters and no jacket. Spring may finally be here, especially with today being in the 60s as well. Oh nope just kidding. It's going to snow tomorrow and be 60 degrees colder than it is today. Indiana needs a time out. Just go home, you are drunk.


I was going to make stuffed peppers last night but decided I wanted it in casserole form. Instead of looking on Pinterest or Googling it, I decided to embrace my inner chef and just wing it. Mission accomplished. I thought for sure we'd have leftovers. Nope, donezo! Since I made this up, I didn't measure. I will try my best to be accurate but you can't really mess this up. 
  • 1 lb ground turkey (you can use lean beef or ground chicken, whatever!)
  • brown rice (i think cooked, i had about 2 cups)
  • 3 bell peppers, chopped (i didn't chop them small, they were bigger chunks)
  • 1 small onion (i used white and chopped these small)
  • tomato sauce (i have no idea and i will explain how much is enough later) you can use jarred/canned/or make your own, it's easy!
  • salsa (about a 1/4 cup salsa, I think)
  • seasonings (i used garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, black pepper, cayenne and a pinch of oregano)
Preheat oven to 375 and spray a casserole dish with cooking spray. Brown meat in skillet. I seasoned the meat with the seasonings mentioned above. Like I always say, do this to your liking. While the meat is cooking, in a large bowl I place my chopped peppers and onions in there and set aside. 
side note: since rice takes forever and a day to cook, i usually do this ahead of time
When the meat is done cooking, drain any excess liquid. Ground turkey has close to none, so I normally don't have to do that. Pour into bowl with the peppers and onions and add the cooked rice. OK here comes the part with the salsa and tomato sauce. I had some salsa on hand so I poured a little in for a kick, I am guessing it was about a 1/4 of a cup, maybe less, maybe more, I don't know. Either way it's not going to ruin the recipe. I promise. Same goes for the tomato sauce. I just poured some in and gently stirred everything around. I added some more because everything wasn't coated. When everything is covered and looked good. You can move forward. Dump everything into the casserole dish and bake for about 25-30 minutes. If I was feeling naughty, I would have loaded that bad boy up with some cheese with about 5 minutes left. I did top mine with a little Sriracha though. Livin on the edge. 

So that was dinner and it was delicious. 

HELLO BACHELOR FINALE! I had my phone ready to tweet away. It's been the worst season ever because JuPa is a douche, but I wouldn't miss this train wreck for the world. And that's exactly what it was. Why do Clare's facial expressions make me want to harm someone? What did he say off camera? Well I have a pretty good idea but that shit needs to be on audio. When did he "know" Clare wasn't the one? I wish she would have let him get that out. Did he really say "I'm glad I didn't pick her" ? Have some class bro, it's not a GAME, you don't just pick. And did he really tell Nikki he had a ring and then not give it to her or show her? Where is that ring now? I'm all for waiting til the time is right and not rushing to say I love you, I get that. I really do. But his intentions don't seem even the least bit genuine. Nikki sat there like a puppet, making excuses and forcing a smile on her face. It's clear Chris Harrison does not like JuPa and theres probably so many more reasons that we don't know about from behind the scenes. I did think his drilling about the I LOVE YOU was a bit excessive though. Sean and Catherine in the audience made me so happy. They were both so annoyed with the situation and you could see it. And I really wish I knew what caused the change of plans for where they will be living or whatever. In the end, after the whole 3 hours I sat glued to the TV, I was left feeling mad and that's just embarrassing. But I can't wait to do it all over again because Andi is the next Bachelorette! 

What are your thoughts???


  1. I am SO making this dish- looks easy and delish! I had an ex who took up half of our walk-in closet AND the closet in the guest bedroom- such a clothes hoarder! Occasionally I just took pieces from here and there (that he never wore) and donated it- he never even noticed!

    1. oh thats funny you did it without him even noticing! haha! the dish was so simple and sooooo good!! like i said, my measurements on here aren't exact but you really can't mess a recipe like this up!

  2. ahhh we were meant to watch the bach together!! THANK YOU Clares faces were similar to sexual faces quite honestly and I about died half the time. I also said Niki was a puppet!! GIRRRRL, get it together. I really was surprised that they were even together after it all?? I'm so pissy they are sunning all media outlet interviews. I hope the paparazzi stalks their butt.

    1. how pathetic is it that i'm anxious for a story to hit about them? lol

  3. That looks delicious!
    And I had actually never watched an episode of the Bachelor before but ended up seeing that finale..let's just say I am very confused!

    Oh and I am following you on Bloglovin now! Can't wait to read more of your posts

    - morg harp nich
    friday instagram link up at morgharpnich.com if you want to join! :)

    1. Thank for stopping by girl. And I HIGHLY recommend watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette from here on out. It's the best, worst show ever! haha

      Going to follow you back as soon and I can get bloglovin to load! :-)
      Happy Friday!


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