Wednesday, March 26, 2014

tonsillectomy - the preparation

Can a parent really prepare themselves for their child going under? 
It doesn't matter how routine of a procedure it is. Anything can happen. 

Tay has known for a while that her tonsils need to come out. She understands it's surgery. But does she really understand what surgery is? Probably not to the extent that you and I do. When we went and met with the ENT, he talked about the procedure right in front of her. Gave her a chance to ask any questions, she didn't. Asked if she wanted to watch a video about it, she denied. I have answered any she has had. I think she is prepared as she can get without being totally freaked out.

She knows eating is going to be tough and her favorite condiment/food will have to be avoided for at least ten days. Hot sauce/chicken wings. Yes she can throw down some chicken wings and puts hot sauce on everything. The thought of eating that with a normal sore throat freaks me out, and I love spicy food, can you imagine? Ouch. That will be replaced with ice cream and popsicles, with open arms of course. What kid wouldn't be excited about that?

I have been reading a lot on what to expect. Every case is different, this I know. I've stayed away from the "medical" websites or "professional" ones for that matter. I find it best to read straight from the source, or close to the source in this case. Blogs. Mommy blogs. Pinterest. It's been very informative and while I know those scenarios could be the complete opposite of what is to come for us, it's nice reading so many different experiences. 

Something my parents told me about my tonsillectomy was the immediate change in my voice. They said I sounded like a completely different person. Add recording her voice to my checklist. They also said I was hilarious (le DUH) with the sleepy medicine. I was five at the time and I told my dad he looked like Bart Simpson. He totally does not. Please let us get some good video. I would love a good laugh. Please Tay, please go all David-after-dentist on us.


water (not an option, staying hydrated is extremely important)
ice cream
mac and cheese
spaghetti noodles
mashed potatoes
fruit cups
all natural child laxative, real talk
gum (to keep her jaw muscles moving)
childrens ibuprofen for pain
humidifier, to keep her throat moist at night (side note: that is one of the only times you will hear that awful word come out of my mouth)

I have also been trying to mentally prepare myself for the breath she will have in the days to come. Which I've heard is one of the most horrid smells known to mankind, or something. 

No getting her heart rate up for seven to ten days. Lots of rest and relaxation. Poor thing, what a way to spend her spring break. It's better than summer break though, in my opinion at least. It's still cold here since spring is being stubborn, or maybe it's winter being too generous. Who I am trying to convince? This child doesn't even appreciate school breaks yet. She loves school. I also made sure to get a couple books and coloring books for her. She'll have her tablet, her rainbow loom, movies and endless love from mommy! 

So today will be a busy one. I want to get my house in complete order. Get a bag ready for the surgery center. She has tumbling right after school today, then after that student lead conferences (like parent-teacher but this is where she will show us what she has been working on instead of her teacher.) Hopefully get to squeeze in a yummy 'last supper' for her tonight. She can't eat or drink anything after midnight. This should be interesting, she loves her breakfast. 

I can't believe it's the eve of her surgery. It's been such a long time coming.
Must remain calm, must remain calm.
I hope I have everything.

What am I forgetting?! 


  1. You have it all planned out and you're going to feel like super-mom! Great job!

    1. I'm a planner, a list maker, etc. Hoping it pays off!! Thanks! :-)

  2. I didn't know it changed a person's voice! I just know about it from sitcoms I watched as a kid--and apparently getting your tonsils out means you get to eat lots of ice cream. Seemed every time they did a tonsils-themed storyline, that was the takeaway. The child worried and worried and the next thing you knew, tonsils were out and they were happily eating ice cream. :-)

    1. I wish it was that easy! It's a tough recovery. About 2 weeks.
      The voice can be different if the tonsils were big enough. Its a huge difference in the airway! :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!!


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