Friday, March 8, 2013

freaky friday

Ok I am not going to lie, I've been counting down for tomorrows SNL, which I'm a huge fan of as is, but with host and music guest <insert my teenage self here> JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, it's a little extreme. While we are on this subject, I want to open a discussion. My dad used to give me a hard time when I was a teeny bopper, ok I was am OBSESSED, but he would say none of my boy band lovers would be around 10 years from then. Well he was wrong and I can bask in the glory of being right when I so defensively said "YES THEY WILL!"
  • Hanson, still makes music and tours; I haven't been to a show but I do have their newer(ish) cds.
  • BSB, go ahead and put a check next to them as well. NKOTBSB anyone? Yes I went, I was in 6th row and screamed/sang (or a combo of both) my heart out and this time, cocktails were involved. 
  • NKOTB, my first boyband love affair. I was like 5, but I had tons of gear. I wish I still did. They sure rocked it with BSB. 
  • NSYNC, ok they may not be together, but JC was{is?} doing ABDC on MTV; Joey was on DWTS and Justin, well enough said. Homeboy is touring this summer (fingers crossed my hubby gets us tickets; if not I will go all die hard and try to win tickets) and not to mention his new album coming out this month. But what happened to Lance & Chris? I'm still pushing for a reunion, please??!
  • 98*, yep they are still around. Drew has made 2 DWTS appearances; Nick things here and there, quite honestly, I'm still devastated over him and JSimp divorce. Justin & Jeff, not sure, I'm sure I could have a lot more stats if I did some googling, but I'm not. I am seeing these guys in concert this summer AGAIN with NKOTB... AND Boyz 2 Men. Can't wait. And while thinking of Nick & Jessica, lead me to Ashlee, which led me to Ryan Cabrera, where is he??

There are some that my dad may be right about; LFO (I know the lead singer passed, so sad), No Authority, 5ive, Westlife, O-Town, 2Gether anyone? U+ME=US, I know my calculus.. 

Tonight we went out to Longhorn with friends (kids too.) All the adults seemed to order steaks, you know since it's a steakhouse. Heck, even my 5 year old ordered the steak off the kids menu. I feel like we swapped bodies, freaky friday style, seeing as how I ordered the chicken tenders dinner with fries and mac n cheese. 

It's time to turn in for the night, we have a play date tomorrow. The dads are going to swing their bats and take bp to get ready for softball season which starts next weekend. Us moms are just gonna hang out while the kiddos run around and hopefully get to play outside.

Have a fab weekend!

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