Monday, March 4, 2013

keep calm & pretend it's not monday

Oh what a weekend. Nothin like a good ol fashioned family affair. My husband and his brother will sit around, drinkin beer, laughing at each other for hours. The ladies find no humor in them but gossip and regulate some kids. The 2 older kids think they are the bosses of the little ones. Oh it's a mess, a hot one and one that I love. This took place from Friday-Sunday. Such a fun weekend, but by the time we got home on Sunday, I was exhausted. I needed a nap and so I did, I think we ALL did.

Then I awoke and reality hit. Why is laundry never-ending? Rhetorical question, no need to answer. I spent my Sunday evening doing that, along with baths, making a school lunch, making dinner (fried chicken, veggies & taters, nom.)
A mothers job is never done, is it?

Now it's Monday, the house is quiet and it's back to work. The DVR is full. The pantry is empty. The weekly menu is made, but the grocery list is incomplete. Oyy vey.

I did, however, remember that the Bachelor, Women Tell All is on tonight...

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We sure did!

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