Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend update

New blog look (again) its a work in progress. Remember when I said I was OCD? I wasn't kidding. We had a great day with friends on Saturday. The kids were awesome and played all day, outside too! This is a big deal, my kids are going stir crazy and can't wait for it to be spring. When the guys got home from softball, us moms had some cocktails. We got home late Saturday night and both kids crashed immediately. I did as well. Then daylight savings time happened. 

I woke up Sunday and felt like it was Christmas morning. SNLIt shimmered like diamonds on my dvr when I pulled up my recordings. I was not the slightest bit disappointed. JT was amazing, the guest stars were great, the skits were fantastic. 

I do wish that Jimmy Fallon made an appearance, but thats ok, my wish will be fulfilled this week for Justin Timber-week on Late Night.

Being a mom, and there are quite a few that can relate, I rarely am able to go to the bathroom/shower without my kids following me, when I semi-succeed, this (above photo) is what happens. Cute or Creepy? I can't decide. They can be nowhere near me, content, fed, changed, everything and when I attempt to make my way into the ladies room, it's like an alarm sounds and suddenly they are starving, thirsty, the younger one pooped, they instantly become needy. 

Sunday was a lazy day, my favorite. Michigan lost to IU in basketball, which made for one unhappy husband.

I ended my weekend with Kourtney & Kim, Atlanta Housewives & lastly...

E! Entertainment Special : Kristin Cavallari. It was short but sweet and I am now dying to watch Laguna Beach.

It's my first link-up. Woohoo.

Now it's Monday, it's gloomy & rainy. Perfect fit. 
Tuesdays Recipe: Baked Chicken Wings


  1. haha i am so excited for JT on JF!! and yes I want to watch Laguna Beach!
    Helene in Between


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