Tuesday, March 12, 2013

i (will) have my toes in the water, ass in the sand

Helene in Between
Today I am linking up with Helene (Helene In Between) for Travel Tuesday. We are going on a family vacay to Mexico this summer. It will be our first real trip as a family of 4. I am stoked. All-Inclusive? Don't mind if I do. I have never been anywhere exotic, unless you consider Florida to fall under that category, which I do not. I also have never been out of the country. Go ahead and cross the stress of booking the trip off the list, next up, passports. Holy hell are these bad boys expensive. I am a planner. I love being organized. So even though our trip is months away, my list has begun. I want to be prepared. More so for my kids, than my husband & I. What are must haves for traveling with children under the age of 6? I am going to let them each pack a little carry on backpack; I will have snacks, Nintendo DS, iPad, coloring books, etc. Also, any tips for a first time out of the US traveler? I won't be telling our kids til probably a week before we leave. I'd love ideas on making that week countdown a fun one!

See you soon, beautiful beach. Taste you soon, margaritas.

While on the note of traveling, my dear Whitty (I Wore Yoga Pants), who has spent her life in Florida, is beginning the process of following her dreams of moving to NYC. She has Florida blood and I think I am more afraid of her freezing to death than her moving to a city away from family/friends and everything she knows. You can do this girlfran. I just know it and I can't wait to live vicariously through you. 

My dream city is Chicago. Besides the cost of living, there isn't one thing I don't like love about it. It's only a 3 hour drive for us, but we don't go there as much as we want should. Chi-Town, I love you. I also dream of living in the south. Deep fried food, blueglass, sweet tea, BBQ. What's there not to love? Tennessee is a top choice, but I fell in love with Texas last summer. For now, I reside in Indianapolis. I love being close to my parents and couldn't imagine taking their grandbabies away from them. Who knows.. maybe someday.

Last night, we went out for sushi (i don't do the raw stuff.) It was delicious, we ordered 2 more rolls on top of what is pictured. Needless to say, we were both in food comas the rest of the night. 

Bachelor Nation, anyone? anyone? bueller?
Huge fan here. Yes it's cheesy, do I care? No. Loved Catherine from the beginning. So last night, while in my food coma, I tuned in for the 3 hour finale. I feel like this is said every time, but I think they will make it (and I hope they do!)
Des, as the next Bachelorette. Can't wait to see her trashy brother stir up drama again. (yuck.)

Baked Chicken Wings
  • Wings (I normally make around 24 for my fam of 4) tips removed and wings cut in half at joint. Or do it the easy way and buy the frozen kind.
  • Hot Sauce (I use Hooters Brand <HOT> and Louisiana)
  • Garlic Powder
Preheat oven to 450. Spray BROILER PAN (it's the key to getting nice crispy wings in the oven) with cooking spray. Place wings on pan and sprinkle with garlic powder (or your choice of seasonings.) Bake for 35 minutes, flip, sprinkle with garlic powder on the other side and cook for another 35 minutes. 
To make your hot sauce, in a microwavable bowl (with lid) place half the jar of Hooters sauce and about 1/3-1/4th the jar of Louisiana, mircrowave for about a minute and stir. It should all blend together. 
Warning: These are spicy. Not to myself, but to others they may be. Alter the kinds of sauces to your liking.
Toss wings in the sauce & serve with your choice of sides. We did mozz sticks & potato skins.

ENJOY!! (we were so hungry, I forgot to take a pic!)

Wednesdays Recipe: Pizza Pasta


  1. Chicago is my favorite of all time. Maybe because I grew up 4.5 hours away from there and traveled often. Or maybe just the fact that I got engaged there. Either way, Chicago is my favorite and I dream of living there.

    You were seriously making me crave sushi last night. Good thing I should be getting it this weekend.

  2. oh I would love to live in chicago, or the beach, the beach is fine with me. so pretty! thanks so much for linking up!!

  3. You are going to have so much fun on that trip! I must eat a LOT of food when I got for sushi, because I feel like I could eat all of that by myself right now, and I just ate lunch! Haha

    My travel tuesday post: Some Snapshots Blog

  4. iPad should keep the kids entertained long enough :) have a great time!!


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